1 Pound of Black Ivory Coffee (Package of 12)

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Are you having a corporate event, celebration or just want to throw a party? Celebrate with 1 lbs / 450 grams of Black Ivory Coffee! The taste, distinctiveness and knowledge that you are supporting elephants and their caregivers makes this a very special treat.

Notes of: chocolate, cacao nibs, light peach, tamarind, Puer (black tea)

Aroma: monk fruit, cacao, candy leaves

Finish: sugar cane, caramel

Body: medium

Order includes:  

  • 12 x 1.4 ounces (12 x 40 grams) of whole roasted Black Ivory Coffee.

  • Handmade box made from mulberry with Black Ivory Coffee embossed in copper.
  • Delivery via DHL courier. Shipping time from Thailand is approximately 4 days.

Verified Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Seay
Fantastic Coffee Experience

I enjoy trying high end exotic. I researched Black Ivory Coffee. I had to try it!

Coffee had great flavor, no acidity and a pleasant after taste. I am most impressed with the product.

Customer service was excellent.

You did good Blake!!

Absolutely Perfect

After googling the most expensive coffee's in the world, I came across Black Ivory Coffee Company. I did a little research on the company and was blown away with their story and unique techniques so I had to try! I am glad I did. You can't explain the taste, you truly must try for yourseld and it's worth it at least once. In my case, way more because I just ordered a box of their blend :). I highly recommend Black Ivory Coffee not only for their coffee but also for their cause and company as a whole.

Thanks for your review Mark! While Black Ivory Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world, you rightfully pointed out our focus, namely: hard work required to create this incredibly distinctive cup and the ethics behind our approach to ensure that the elephants and their caregiving families benefit from this harvest as much as possible.

For anyone reading this review, Mark purchased the original Black Ivory Coffee as opposed to the Mahout's Blend.

All the best,
Blake Dinkin, Founder

Dave Duncan
Using a Moka pot

Dave Duncan

Hi Blake, I hope you remember me I bought the 29 packs that you delivered to my wife’s mother’s home, thank you so much, I have used a Moka pot to make this coffee and it does taste great using this method instead of using my expresso machine

Again thanks for coffee
Dave Duncan

Dear Dave:

I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the 1 kg order of Black Ivory Coffee! A Moka pot is a delicious way to experience our coffee especially for those after a more concentrated brew but who may not have or may not want to use an espresso machine. Please send my best to your wife's mother!

Jonathan Andrews
Simply Amazing

I enjoy drinking fine coffees and always strive to find the most exotic and flavorful coffees from around the world. When I came across Black Ivory coffee I couldn't believe the background story. Blake is an incredible man to say the least. He has created the best coffee I have EVER enjoyed without a doubt. He has also created a special environment that hardly exist in today. Elephants are not really appreciated as they should be. They're very intelligent and emotional. So not only am I enjoying the finest coffee I've ever had, I'm also supporting a conscious business practice. This purchase has made me very happy. I hope everyone enjoys this coffee as much as my family does and please if you haven't yet watch the video on how Black Ivory Coffee is made it's wonderful.

Dear Jonathan:

Thank you very much for your kind feedback. I am really happy to hear that you enjoy both the coffee itself and the conscientious effort by Black Ivory Coffee to support Thai elephants and the families who look after them. It is my real hope that as Black Ivory Coffee grows, so will our ability to make an even greater positive social, economic and environmental impact.