Social Responsibility

Because of our commitment to elephant conservation and welfare, we support the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in order to educate the children of elephant care-giving families on the plight of wild elephants in Thailand and on the issue of human elephant conflict. Children travel to a national park where for the first time in their life they see elephants in the wild. For most this also represents the first trip outside of their village.


Production of Black Ivory Coffee also provides valuable income generation for elephant care-giving families as well as students of the local high school who are taught how to wash and dry our coffee. The money earned generally tends to support aging parents, health expenses, school fees, food, and clothing. Some of the students are also saving for university. ​We pay 350 THB (Thai Baht) per kilogram for picked coffee. One can pick this quantity in roughly 15 minutes. To provide some perspective, an average coffee worker in Thailand earns 7 THB per kilogram in Thailand and in Surin province one can earn approximately 200 THB for 7 hours work harvesting rice.