Black Ivory Coffee Handcrafted Soap

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🐘 WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION? Black Ivory Coffee only uses the finest 100% Arabica coffee cherries. However, when elephants chew the beans, a significant amount are broken, resulting in uneven beans when roasting that reduces the quality of the cup. While these beans may not be ideal for drinking, they are perfect for soap as they maintain all of their health benefits.

🐘 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Coffee in soap has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce signs of aging and the appearance of cellulite. It is an excellent exfoliant and it stimulates blood flow, making your skin glow!

🐘 WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? Lathering up in the unique texture and luxurious aroma of Black Ivory Coffee is a truly indulgent and one-of-a-kind experience, made all that much better by the knowledge that the product supports elephants and their caretakers’ families.

 🐘 LUSH, FRAGRANT AND DECADENT: In addition to Black Ivory Coffee Arabica beans, other ingredients include wild Thai rainforest honey, rosewood essence, coconut oil from a remote Thai island and Bergamot essence.

🐘 SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Our luxury soap is 98% natural and cruelty free.

 🐘 ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Each package contains 110 grams/3.5 ounces of handcrafted soap, sealed in black waxed paper and packaged in a box handmade from mulberry paper. Perfect as a gift by itself or paired with the original Black Ivory Coffee beans. Complimentary worldwide shipping. Please allow 4-8 business days for shipping. Local custom duties and taxes may apply outside North America.

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