Mahout's Blend by Black Ivory Coffee

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  • 🐘 WHAT'S IN A NAME. In recognition of our Mahouts who from an early age create a very special bond with their elephant. As part of the family, Mahouts pamper their elephants with love, nutritious foods, walks and baths. We have created a new blend of the famous Black Ivory Coffee in a Mahout's Blend.
  • 🐘BRINGING YOU A NEW BLEND. We have combined original Black Ivory Coffee with a washed Peruvian Arabica to create a more affordable option whilst retaining some of the distinctive characteristics that has made Black Ivory Coffee famous.
  • 🐘 TASTE OF SHEER INDULGENCE, DISTINCTIVE AND COMPLEX- Naturally refined, Naturally expensive. You won't get any other coffee journey like this, that's why it is the best coffee in the world. Notes of Black Ivory Coffee include: chocolate, malt, tamarind, spice and a hint of grass. The Peruvian component has notes of chocolate, fig and floral. A nicely balanced cup that is distinctive. Perfect for Black Ivory Coffee customers who want to try something new or first time visitors who are not yet ready to splurge on pure Black Ivory Coffee.
  • 🐘 SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BRAND - that allows local communities & farmers to benefit from your coffee drinking. Our coffee harvesting process benefits villages and high school students in Surin who help clean and process the coffee beans. Black Ivory Coffee and this special Mahout's Blend benefit the Mahouts giving them a steady income source that is much higher than the traditional logging, tourism or ceremonial work they may be limited to.
  • 🐘 HABITAT - Our elephants live in villages in Thailand's Surin Province and the coffee cherries are transported from Chiang Mai. Only the sweetest, choicest cherries are chosen for the elephants to consume and separate. After the beans have gone through the elephant's body, we sort and select only the best beans, clean them and roast them to order. The process is completely natural to protect the environment and draw out all the natural and characteristic flavors of the delicate coffee beans.
  • 🐘 ADDITIONAL NOTES: Each package contains 35 grams / 1.23 ounces of whole roasted bean. This will serve 2 coffee mugs or 4 espresso size cups. Complimentary world-wide shipping. Please allow 4-8 business days for shipping. (Local custom duty and taxes may apply outside North America).

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