Single Package of Black Ivory Coffee

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One single package of Black Ivory Coffee. For first-timers who are curious to try the world's most expensive and distinctive coffee, naturally refined by elephants. We are confident you will come back for more!

Notes of: chocolate, cacao nibs, light peach, tamarind, Puer (black tea)

Aroma: monk fruit, cacao, candy leaves

Finish: sugar cane, caramel

Body: medium

 Order includes:

  • 🐘1 x 40 grams / 1.4 ounces of whole roasted Black Ivory Coffee. This package will serve approximately two 8 ounce mugs.

  • 🐘 Complimentary world-wide shipping. Custom duties are also free of charge. Please allow 4-8 business days for shipping. 

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Customer Reviews

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Ef C

Not a coffee connoisseur but this coffee is unique and special, the aroma and taste is one of a kind. The soap is definitely great as well. Will be ordering again soon

We are so glad you enjoyed Black Ivory Coffee as well as our soap! While taste is subjective we aim to make this a positively distinctive experience.

Best Wishes,

Black Ivory Coffee Review

Okay, my friend, I am presently enjoying my very first cup. The most striking thing about your coffee is its balance. Amazing balance. Not overbearing, yet not too “light”. Exceptional smoothness. Drinks very very easily. Definitely has its own distinctive properties. This is just my first cup, so I will have to give it a little time to “sink in”. I cannot get over its balance, which lends itself so strongly to its overall amazing smoothness. I would say, at first exposure, the only other coffee comparable, are the very very high end Okinawa coffees, which are also extremely expensive, and somewhat different in overall taste. They are not as smooth or balanced, and are of a stronger overall embodiment, but quite enjoyable also in their overall presentation. I very very highly recommend you try them. I would have to say, at first cup, your coffee probably excels the most at overall balance and smoothness. Almost, “silky”, exceptional. I now can say, I have truly experienced the world’s finest coffees. Be well, stay safe, and thank you, Steven. By the way, I’m going to have a second cup. Also, I am amazed at how non existent any acidity is present in your coffee. Not even a trace. Amazing.😁

Hi Steven:

Thank you for the very insightful feedback! I am really happy to hear that you have enjoyed the experience and 'silky' is a lovely way to describe Black Ivory Coffee. I may have to borrow your adjective for use in the future. :)

Beautiful Cup

We got some Black Ivory Coffee for a treat and love the deep, earthy and complex flavors. It is roasted perfectly. Thank you for such a unique product! Delicious!

An unforgettable experience

I received your coffee as a gift from someone very special. I very much enjoyed and appreciated its pure, rich taste, which reminded me of chocolate, hazelnut and chestnuts. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The moment we shared while enjoying your coffee will forever stay with me. Thank you, Black Ivory Coffee Company.

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. While taste is subjective, one thing we are sure about is that Black Ivory Coffee is one of the most distinctive cups of coffee even if one is not a coffee connoisseur. We are so glad you enjoyed your experience!

Tamara Crismore
Best Birthday Cup of Coffee Ever

My husband got me this coffee for my birthday a few years ago. When I got past the giggles and the laughter we brewed it up. My goodness it was the smoothest and richest coffee ever. I even shared with him.

I am really happy you enjoyed your birthday gift Tamara! Smooth and rich are definitely adjectives that can be applied to Black Ivory Coffee!

Best Wishes,