Triple Package of Black Ivory Coffee

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Spoil yourself (and perhaps someone else in your life) with three packages of Black Ivory Coffee. Black Ivory Coffee is the world's most distinctive and expensive coffee, naturally refined by elephants. 

Notes of: chocolate, cacao nibs, light peach, tamarind, Puer (black tea)

Aroma: monk fruit, cacao, candy leaves

Finish: sugar cane, caramel

Body: medium

Order includes:  

  • 🐘3 x 40 grams / 1.4 ounces of whole roasted Black Ivory Coffee. This package will serve approximately six 8 ounce mugs.

  • 🐘 Complimentary world-wide shipping. Customs duty is complimentary as well. Please allow 4-8 business days for shipping.

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